Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Requiem

You bleed waning passion.
We watch it escape every crevasse,
Every pour,
Every crack in your flesh.

You grow hope in your garden of denial.
We watch them bloom into their demise,
As you have no water to sanctify them.

You sleep with cozening shadows.
We watch your every breathe;
With every inhale you let in your demons,
With every exhale you sink deeper in your quietus.

You smile with fear beneath your teeth.
We watch you force every grin,
As you lean to kiss your fear instead of me.

You shuffle off this mortal coil.
We watch you flee with a bullet,
As you give up the ghost and set your soul to eternal rest.

You lay on the lamenting floor.
We stare in dismay at your lifeless body,
I mutter your requiem,
As it shares a melody with the silence.


  1. It is like music, such a beautiful flow!

    1. Music is my life, it has saved my life. So that actually makes me really happy this appears to flow like it! :)

  2. I love the rhythm in this, too, and the progression of the poem. Your word choices are precise and carry with them a lot of connotaitons. The second stanza is particularly effective.