Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Don't Care if I Die

Hello darkness, my old friend.
It’s been a while, but I’ve come back to see you again.
I wanted to tell you: I don’t care whether I live or I die,
But I don’t want to be the direct fault of my own demise.
Can you help me with this, my long lost friend?
Just please bring this darkness to an irrefutable end.

I know a Girl

I know a girl,
with pain in her eyes
and sorrow in her soul
and regret in every fiber of her being.

I know a girl,
a very lovely girl
who hides much beneath
and no one ever notices.

I know a girl
with a shattered smile
with melancholy laughter on her lips
with scars on her soft, impressionable wrists
with doubt plastered upon her flawless brow.

I know a girl
who is “okay”
who is “fine”
who is just tired of this life.

I know a girl who is broken.
I love this girl who is falling apart. 

I know a girl I want to fix.