Friday, March 30, 2012

What do you dream about at night?

What do you dream about at night when you’re all alone in your bed?
All alone at night.
Do you dream about dreaming,
Only reaching for success within the depths of your sheltered hallucinations?
The hallucinations never end.
Do you dream about death,
Only to be disillusioned when you awaken every morning?
Sleep serves merely as your temporary demise.
Do you dream about love lost,
Only to become disheartened when you can’t even find it in that black hole you call your mind.
Love will never find you.
Or do you just never dream at all?
Because that would simply be the worst of all.

What do you dream about at night?


  1. Can I write here what I dream about at night? Can I? Can I? =)

    1. What do I dream about at night?
      I have a friend,
      His name is Jay.
      He's smartest creature all the way.

      The only problem that he's got
      This empty, crazy, blind spot.
      It's strange, bizarre and sure is flaw -
      He never saw a dream before.

      My Jay,
      He claims that dreams are fakes.
      And used to trick and steal your faith.

      I dream of ocean at night.
      And being swallowed by abyss
      Of endless space and ruthless time.

      But Jay…He says that Unicorns
      Are fluffy pink and real deal
      But Max (it's me)- is dodgy eel.

      I dream of sun and pool of lava
      That gives me wings and Phoenix' power.

      But Jay… He says, I am a liar,
      And all my pants are burnt by fire.

      I dream of light, so pure and clear…
      Of fog, and horse, and evil bear.

      But Jay…He says, my dreams veneer -
      Is very pretty clever tool,
      I make them up to just look cool.

      My dreams, they come in Black and White.
      Some Colored, Blurry, others fine.
      Sometimes they come in real bunch
      Like sweet and spicy cocktail punch.

      But Jay…He says I'm "flying high",
      He says it's my imagination
      To cover mind's aberration.

      He always says I waste his time
      And Ferris Wheel is better climb.

      The night will fall and I'll see more
      Of places that will shake my core…

      But, hey! Don't trust my dreamful way -
      My friend just read this piece of junk,
      And said, I'm pointlessly drunk…